EPE (Physical Education)

“My Journey Through Physical Education in University”

EPE100 – Intro in to Teaching Physical Education
“Start small, Start Smart, But at least Start” – Nick Forsberg

I started my journey towards being a physical educator thinking about being a coach, not being an Physical Education teacher. I quickly started to change my thinking to a more progressive thinking, to a deeper understanding to what it meant to teach physical education. During this class we really started to understand that “the answers were easy, it was asking questions that was the hard part”.
EPE 100 Professional Notes

EPE300 – Curriculum Content in Physical Education

How can we plan for physical education, when the stigma is we throw balls around and have fun. Well, we throw balls around with a purpose and have fun while doing it, crazy how that concept is a reality. When it comes to planning we have to have a idea in mind. Where do we want to end up, what development do we want to see, the skills and health related fitness is the core, and the activities we do is the vehicle we use to reach those objectives. This was a methodology that I just started to conceptualize during the course of this class. My lesson plans were so detailed I spent an entire week on a unit/lesson plan. For one activity. Realistically, it would be impossible to accomplish this, but now I have an amazing Sub Plan, and I have an appreciation to what it means to plan a purposeful lesson.
Example of Work for EPE 300: Intensive Unit/Lesson Plan

EPE 489 – Post Internship
Reflecting on What We Have Accomplished

So our University journey has come to an end, or a new beginning depending on the route we all decide to go on, which we all know now they will all take different paths. We are able to reflect in the class on our past 4-5 years together (we have been going through EPE together as a class) We have created our own sense of identity, we are leaders in our own ways and are driven to excel Physical Education with our own beliefs. My belief went from wanting to be a coach to wanting to create an inclusive safe environment were I can be a role model for my students and guide them to understanding why we do things, not just how to do them.
Example of Work for EPE 489: Personal Narrative: My Physical Education Story (To be Posted)