ECS 100 – Field Work

ECS 100 Field Experience (Fall 2014)

My experience in the field has really opened my eyes into the world of teaching. My experience was 6 weeks long, going once a week for a half a day. I experienced Grade7/8 and Grade 1 classrooms. It was awesome to see the different teaching styles associated with the different grade levels. Such as, with Grade 7/8 you can joke around more, but also be more stern with them. In the Grade 1 class you can see the nurture portion of teaching and the care that really goes into teaching. I noticed that teachers truly emphasize learning of life skills as well, an example of this is politeness it is over exaggerated when used in the classroom. I believe this to be because you want your students to be polite and courteous and students will lead by example. As a teacher you are constantly on your toes, things do not go as you always plan you must be a creative thinker and process information quickly to possibly make adjustments. I saw how hard it is to be a teacher. Being a teacher is no walk in the park, it is long hours, some of which can be very exhausting. Many teachers take their work home with them, designing lesson plans, marking assignments, etc. Something I noticed in the classrooms was the diversity of the students. I come from a small town and did not have the opportunity to grow up with such diversity. It was a huge life learning for me during my experience. I got to experience the other cultures just for the short time period that I was there. Canada is becoming more multicultural I know that no matter where I teach in the future I want to bring in that multiculturalism into my future classroom regardless of the diversity of my students. Everyone should learn about other cultures and become more culturally aware.

– Knowing what I know now about teaching, it does not turn me away from teaching. Instead it drives me more to become a teacher. I see the bigger picture, helping students learn and achieve their goals is what matters to me.