Curious – Overwhelmed – But Learning!

My first twitter chat was a success! 

To be completely honest I never thought those words would be getting typed right now. I participated in #espechat moderated by Jessica Monlux, #espechat stands for Elementary School Physical Education. So I was draw to this twitter chat because I just completed my Internship where I taught K-9 Physical Education (in addition to other classes) so it was very fitting.

I honestly do not think I could have done this chat without tweetdeck it is like a saving grace. When I started the chat I was so overwhelmed, I did not even know what was going on, being new to twitter as well did not help.


My thought exactly angry man yelling at Drew Barrymore.

Thats how I felt when the tweets started rolling in, OH MY GOD I CAN’T KEEP UP! I found that if I just focused on answering the questions and then once it was over I could go back and review others answers that was easier because trying to read and process everyone at once was exhausting.

But I can not wait to participate in another one! Because I learned a lot different ideas from all over the world it was awesome! Can’t wait to do it again, this technology thing is growing on me, like a bad haircut on a windy day sometimes it just work out for the best. 


Curriculum Development After

After skimming through this article I feel my opinions are the same. Educators have a say in what goes into the curriculum but the government is what sets that curriculum in stone. The government in ‘trying’ to do the research and have the knowledge to understand what ‘our’ students need. Mainly I see it as the government tries to filter to the areas that the economy is in need of. For example changing the Math system in high school went from a progression A30,B30,C30 to different strains such as foundations of math etc. These staring that they changed the curriculum guide students into certain economic areas such as nursing, trades, etc. The problem I see with that is the fact that if they do decide to go to university they are missing vital information because some sections of the math are not taught within the new curriculum. I understand that you need the differences of opinions and you need to see things from different perspectives, but I feel there needs to be some sort of change because the curriculum can have holes.

Curriculum Development Before

I believe that the curriculum is developed by people who care about what our youth should be learning but then is critically processed and filtered by the government. I feel we as educators have a small say in what actually goes into the curriculum, we may give our thoughts and ideas but requirements will most likely be set out by someone sitting high up in a office behind their computer critiquing using dated material as a reference. Current educators now I believe are starting to push through and influence parts of the curriculum and many ideas come from current service teachers. I view the government as not putting education first, yet they have the say on what education should be. To me that does not make much sense. Maybe going through this article I will change my opinion.

What is Common Sense?

Against Common Sense: Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice – Kevin Kumashiro

How does Kumashiro define ‘commonsense?’ Why is it so important to pay attention to the ‘common sense’?  

He defines common sense as something we should know but is “considered to be consistent with the purposes of schooling”. Something that is engrained in our life’s that comes as “second nature” too us, requires little to no thinking. When something questions our common sense people can get defensive and on edge because that is not how things are done or how they know so it questions their own thinking on their own decisions. Am I doing this right? Why are you doing it like that? Those are the questions that we would ask ourselves when our thought or every day lives are challenged. It is important to pay attention to the common sense because as educators all of our students will have different terms for their own common sense and we don’t want to deteriorate their of thoughts by saying that their views in a certain area are wrong.

Technology Within the Classroom

When we look at our every evolving world of technology, it is next to impossible to think that we won’t see it in our education system. Having technology can be a huge asset to educators in the classroom. Using tools such as videos, internet resources, etc. The only problem I see as a future teacher is that we are starting to rely on technology, more often the students rely on technology. I want to emphasize the word tool because that’s what students should be using technology as, a tool. Not a means of life. I am seeing it more and more often children with technology. We are starting them off as young as a few months old with things such as “Baby Genius”. What ever happened to taking your child outside to see the wonder in life from the out of doors. Learn their colors by the changing of the seasons. We are losing our touch with nature and ways to teach outside of the classroom with what is now seen as unorthodox ways of teaching.

Now I don’t see anything wrong with technology. I just think we should not heavily rely on it as much as we do now. As I stated before we need to see technology more as a tool, not a need.


"learn" written on blackboard with apple, books

This blog will take you through my journey in becoming a teacher. I am glad to share this adventure with you as I am excited to learn and grow. Education has always been apart of my life and I am looking forward to share my knowledge and passion with my future learners.