Let’s Try To Sing, in French?

This week I wanted to try vlogging.

So below is my post for the week, is has been a rough go for my learning project but I have expressed my concerns through my video. Also I have tried something that I haven’t done since someone recorded me singing for the High School Guitar Club in 2009.

Hope you enjoy my video 🙂


French vs. English My Learning Project Adventure Begins.

French vs. English (Part one) -What happens when you complain to someone who speaks English as a second language. Opps.

My appreciation to those who speak multiple languages has risen tremendously. Over this past week just trying to understand how there is a masculine and feminine version for everything, but it doesn’t really have a reason you just have to know, but I am learning which is what I find super interesting.

I have been using the app DuoLingo and Tinycards  to aid in my learning of a second language and so far I have loved it the apps are super helpful. The only downfall and maybe I just have not gotten far enough in the modules, but actually speaking French is what I have the most difficulty with. Within the app they have “bots” which you can talk to but you have to pass 3 skills and as you can see I have only surpassed 2. But my next goal for my blog post is to have passed the 3 skills and too be able to have conversations with those bots and hopefully posts them on my blog purely for my audiences enjoyment. I’m sure I’ll look like my dear friend Tom Hiddleston in an awkward interview but eh I’m learning!

giphy-downsized (4)


 Another way I’m learning and this is more for pronunciation rather than understanding is I have changed my music. As I discussed in my previous #learningproject blog post I have been using French music to aid in my learning. How does one do this, you may ask, well simple. I commute about 5-6+ hours a week, so I have a no english music rule in my car. So If I am listening to music I am always listening to French music. I used Apple Music’s Radio and just search French rap and just listen to it while I am driving I can sing/rap along to a lot of it but have no idea what I am saying. While I was browsing through Examples of Previous students work from this course I ran into Amy’s Learning Project Blog  and WOW for starters what an impressive blog tops what I got going on so far (but I’ll get there) but what I saw on some of her post was an French artist who did covers of popular songs so I have started to listen to those as well because then I can sing along an start to decipher what I am actually saying.

Amy’s Learning Project Blog  showcased her reading french books to her blog which I think is an amazing way to showcase your learning so I have thought about going out and seeing what they have for French variety in children’s books if the Duolingo Bots are not as conversation friendly as I hope.

I’ll leave you with one of Sarah’s (French cover artist) Covers of a popular songs.

Au Revoir!

Que quĂ© ? – Just kidding thats Spanish, I’m learning French

So I have made the decision that over the course of the semester I am going to attempt the learn the beautiful language of Français.


Now I am not going to lie, I disliked French class in school. This may be because my teacher chewed her gum like a cow chews grass Every.. Single.. Class. Ever since that experience I could not take French seriously. But now I am the teacher, and I chew gum sensibly so I should be able to listen to myself.

When I think of learning another language. It freaks me out. All I can think of is my family talking back and forth in Ukrainian and I would have zero idea what they would be saying.




-This was me at the Ukrainian Christmas Dinner Table





But why French? Why not Ukrainian? Because that GIF above was also an awkward situation I encountered while I was on an exchange in Quebec. I was literally kicked out of a restaurant, well not served, because I could not speak French nor understand it. And as a proud Canadian and a future traveler of Canada (soon to be the World) I thought “man it would super handy to at least ask ‘Hey where can I find a toilet around here?'” If I do end up travelling to the East coast, even in the coastal provinces many people speak French.

So I’m all alone with a language that has a male and female version of different words, weird little apostrophes over and under their vowels. And from what I remember their sentences are backwards ? Wow, What am I getting myself into. I have a plan though!

I am going to find some Apps (Duo Lingo I hear is awesome) to try and follow while I’m taking the bus or just hanging out at home with my cat, Watching/Listening to videos – I drive a lot commuting to school so I can easily listen to videos even if I feel like a crazy person talking to myself the whole car ride, and my third and my most excited way I’m excited to learn is I love rap music so I thought eh! Once I have some of the basics down, why not listen and rap along to some good French Rap music. This may be a little more Pop/Hip-Hop but this video I found even though I have no idea what he is singing you can tell by the video it is about technology so I found it to be fitting. Maybe I’ll learn the lyrics and post a video on my journey in learning the language of love.