Let’s Try To Sing, in French?

This week I wanted to try vlogging.

So below is my post for the week, is has been a rough go for my learning project but I have expressed my concerns through my video. Also I have tried something that I haven’t done since someone recorded me singing for the High School Guitar Club in 2009.

Hope you enjoy my video ūüôā


So You Are Saying I Have To Read..

I am not going to lie, I straight up struggles with this. Finding blogs/articles that I wanted to follow and read. I always feel like I am a doer I like doing things I am a kinaesthetic learner as well so sitting and reading articles, not my favourite. BUT with that being said the resources that EDTC300 has provided me such as Feedly which is a resource that brings articles all in to one place, wow is that handy. Also bringing everyone in this class and in EDTC400 together, I can review and read their blogs with minimal research. We are able to share ideas that are similar to our own interests which is awesome!

One thing I really enjoy about Feedly is that I am finding really good articles on Physical Education that I was struggling to find before, but more importantly they are geared towards utilizing technology within the gymnasium..

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Yes, we use technology in the gym. We don’t just sweat and run in circles, sorry to burst your imaginary 1950’s bubble. Utilizing technology in physical education is incredibly important because students are progressing, so should we as educators. Hence why I decided to take this class, just wanted to keep up with the times. So with all this joy in learning all these resources from class and classmates I came across a great blog from The P.E Geek¬†which is literally a guy from Australia who is an advocate for physical education and the integration of technology. *Mind Blown*

Anyways, he posted back in December his 100th post and in celebration of that he created a blog post of 100 ways to incorporate technology (WITH APPS) into the classroom/gymnasium he even puts them under categories. Why work when the work is done for you right. So unfortunately there was a podcast that was incorporated with his post but I could not download it and could not figure out how to listen to it, but I still thought the post was incredibly useful. Check it out, I dare you.

The P.E Geek РEpisode 100 РOne Hundred Ways to Use Technology in PE 

French vs. English My Learning Project Adventure Begins.

French vs. English (Part one) -What happens when you complain to someone who speaks English as a second language. Opps.

My appreciation to those who speak multiple languages has risen tremendously. Over this past week just trying to understand how there is a masculine and feminine version for everything, but it doesn’t really have a reason you just have to know, but I am learning which is what I find super interesting.

I have been using the app DuoLingo and Tinycards¬† to aid in my learning of a second language and so far I have loved it the apps are super helpful. The only downfall and maybe I just have not gotten far enough in the modules, but actually speaking French is what I have the most difficulty with. Within the app they have “bots” which you can talk to but you have to pass 3 skills and as you can see I have only surpassed 2. But my next goal for my blog post is to have passed the 3 skills and too be able to have conversations with those bots and hopefully posts them on my blog purely for my audiences enjoyment. I’m sure I’ll look like my dear friend Tom Hiddleston in an awkward interview but eh I’m learning!

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¬†Another way I’m learning and this is more for pronunciation rather than understanding is I have changed my music. As I discussed in my previous #learningproject blog¬†post I have been¬†using French music to aid in my learning. How does one do this, you may ask, well simple. I commute about 5-6+ hours a week, so I have a no english music rule in my car. So If I am listening to music I am always listening to French music. I used Apple Music’s Radio and just search French rap and just listen to it while I am driving I can sing/rap along to a lot of it but have no idea what I am saying. While I was browsing through Examples of Previous students work from this course I ran into Amy’s Learning Project Blog¬† and WOW for starters what an impressive blog tops what I got going on so far (but I’ll get there) but what I saw on some of her post was an French artist who did covers of popular songs so I have started to listen to those as well because then I can sing along an start to decipher what I am actually saying.

Amy’s Learning Project Blog¬†¬†showcased her reading french books to her blog which I think is an amazing way to showcase your learning so I have thought about going out and seeing what they have for French variety in children’s books if the Duolingo Bots are not as conversation friendly as I hope.

I’ll leave you with one of Sarah’s (French cover artist) Covers of a popular songs.

Au Revoir!

Tech What?

                          MissMGurski is my tweeter account, sometimes I tweet funny things and                               sometimes its resourceful either way I would follow me

To those of you who are avid tweeters I hope to gain you as followers in my adventures during this course and beyond into my teaching career. I am new to the Twitter world so I may need some helpful guidance on making my way to being a proficient “tweeter”.

This course peaked my interest because I think technology is turning into something we no longer really have control over and something we all should know how to utilize and understand. Technology is overtaking everything everywhere in the workforce, classroom, homes, etc.¬†Already you can talk to “Alexa” to know what the weather is rather then looking outside? Have you seen the Italian Grandma talking to her BRAND NEW Goo-Goo Machine she got for Christmas, if not it is worth a watch the see the generation gap for technology. Maybe I am old school (not that old school Ha!) but blogging has never been my thing¬†I am willing to take a risk and try it out, I like to think of myself as more of a doer, as in I go out and do thing but maybe I will like writing about things and sharing them amongst my peers and colleagues on the world wide web.

I can not wait to share my thoughts and experiences through out this class. Hopefully we can relate in areas of technology with this technology stuff.

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