Volunteer Experience

Grant Road Elementary – 7/8 Boys Basketball – Head Coach – 2014-2015

  • This was my first year as a head coach. We had some hiccups during the beginning dealing with bullying. I worked with these boys heavily on respect. They learned the basics of basketball and also how to respect their peers. We never won a single game but these boys worked their hardest. I pushed them but due to injuries and being involved in other sports it was hard to come out on top. Though we never won, we built friendships on the team that I still see after the season was over.


Yorkton Regional High School – Jr. Girls Basketball – Assistant Coach – 2013-2014

  • I spent an entire season with these girls. It was a rough start to the season with most of the girls never playing together on the same team because this was grade nine and the year before all the girls went to different elementary schools. We worked hard through out the season with the head coach working on skills and development while I heavily work on training and cardio. I also worked on respect a lot with the girls for example the head coach was a more soft spoken coach so when he would be talking the girls would be talking over him and not listening. That changed very quickly. I taught them how to get their head in the game and way to keep busy in the off season. At the end of the season the head coach and I drove these girl to being district champions. It was one of the best feelings as a coach to see all the hard work and hours these girls have put in to end up winning it all.


Yorkton Regional High School – Grade 9 Girls Volleyball – Assistant Coach – 2013

  • This was my first experience with coaching a sport. I went through making a team with the head coach as we had about 45 girls try out for the team. The fact that we had some many girls try out we had two other teachers come out and we made an A and a B team. I was assistant coaching the B team. I was working a lot with the girls on team building skills and their training. I worked a lot with the physical fitness levels, such as vertical, arm rotation, etc. I had also worked with the girls on their serving, passing and setting skills. The head coach worked more with rotation. We were only able to go to one tournament. We did end up winning the whole tournament. I was grateful to be the coach for these girls and make playing on a volleyball team possible for them. I watched these girls grow a lot and gain a lot of skills as well.



Yorkton Regional High School – Guitar Club – Vocal Coach – 2012-2013

  • While I was in high school I was apart of the guitar club either playing guitar or drums and also doing vocals. So after I graduated I decided to go back and become a mentor for the students. I mainly help with vocals and song choice. Working on rhythm, tone, pitch, etc. My main goal was for the singers to break out of their shells as most of them were shy and soft spoken. We worked on any song choices they had and worked through them creating some cool arrangements for our concerts. I tried not to perform in any of the concerts through some of the students begged me too, I wanted this to be their moment.

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