Teaching Philosophy

 “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” -Mahatma Gandhi


What truly makes an exceptional teacher? Is it the grades that they hand out? Is it the class that they are teaching? Is it how much homework they give out? These are some of the reasons you may hear from students on what makes a good teacher. In reality though it is how much effort a teacher puts into their classroom, the respect and care they show for their students, the knowledge they have on the subject they are teaching, and most of all is making sure their students leave their classroom with a new found knowledge that they did not come into their classroom with. I personally hope to achieve all of these and then some when I become a teacher.

Teaching strategies are key when you are in the classroom. As a teacher if you want the students to learn and grow you need to make the class memorable, something that when they graduate and move on from school they will always remember that one class because they learned the most from that teacher. Energizing the class with humour is also a great strategy, it lightens the mood of the class room and the students can enjoy themselves while they are learning. As a teacher you need to know the art of asking questions. A university professor always says this to me whenever I would ask a question, “You know the answer.The answers are easy, Coming up with the questions is the hard part.” Which is in fact very true. Let the students lead discussions give them a topic for them to ask questions around, it gives them a sense of community and learning from their peers.

That is the general blanket statements for teachers, we all know we need to do that. When it comes down to breaking down my philosophy for Physical education. I believe in progressional learning. No one is going to be a master right off the start but attitude and drive will help you progress forward and continue to get better at what every skill, and in life. Building relationships with your students is a major key factor in the gymnasium, building respect, that is what is key. We need to educate good people and allow them to strive for THEIR best not the best put out by a national standard.

So what truly makes an exceptional teacher? That is all up to you. You take from it what you put in. So, just be yourself and everything will fall into place. Respect and be kind to one another.

“I Believe…”

– All students deserve a chance to learn

-All children deserve to feel safe in their learning environment

-Respecting others relationships and caring for others

-Working together for a common cause

-Having sense of humour when in the classroom

-Setting a positive example

-Helping students achieve their goals and overcome obstacles

-Showing love and care to each other

-Making mistakes makes you a stronger person

-Everyone has bad days

-In welcoming multiculturalism into the classroom

-Educating my students on multiculturalism, even if the culture is not represented in the classroom

-In having fun


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