Personal Development

SPEA – Dallas Valley Leadership Conference (Fall 2016 +Fall 2017) 
I have went to the Dallas Valley Leadership Conference two years in a row now, and I found it incredibly useful for my teaching. The leadership qualities I gained from this experience are unmeasurable, and I had the joy of going back a second time and putting practice to work. I feel that was very important to my learning. Being able to go back that second year and utilize what I had learned the previous year and my experience in teaching taught me that learning is a never ending experience I am always going to be growing as an educator.

Certified BAI (Basic Archery Instructor) – NASP (Fall 2017)
I took this course during my internship as a PD. It was a great experience for me as a physical educator to grow with the knowledge of my field and become more certified in any area that I can be. It was a one day course where we went through safety procedure and process. It was a relevant to my teaching because coming from a small town and wanting to work in a small town I feel that archery could engage my student more and is a activity that all students can participate in with no pressure.

UR S.T.A.R.S – Blanket Exercise Training (Spring 2017) 

I took this course on a whim, I heard through word of mouth about it and thought yeah I’ll give it a try! I am glad that I did, this is a great way to represent what happened in our country over the course of our history it shines a light on Reconciliation and is a step in the right direction on educating people. I would definitely use this activity in my own classroom one day to show the history of what has happened in our country, It was a great learning experience.

Teaching Treaties in the Classroom (Spring 2017) 
I completed this 2 day workshop at the University of Regina and it was a very interesting one in a sense that I had a much better idea on how to integrate treaties and Indigenous ways of Knowing into my lessons with still being respectful and having a better understanding. I found that through this course Physical Education can be a tough one because we don’t want to just do “games” we want to have a purpose, going back to nature is something that I have found ways to include into practice while teaching and be able to teach culture rather than content.

SPEA – Physical Education Conference (Spring 2016)
During the SPEA Physical Education Conference I was able to go to a lot of sessions pertaining to physical education, it was great! I was able to network with people in my field and even met my cooperating teacher for the fall internship that I would be embarking on. I was able to gain many resources from this experience and I was also able to learn new ideas from others who were in my field!

Fall 2016
During this semester I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside with SaskAbilities and become a coach with their organization. During this time I was able to grow as a leader and a educator in physical education. Especially working with people with disabilities. With my philosophy of having an open and inclusive classroom I found this to be a very engaging experience where I had the opportunity to work in small groups and in some one on one cases to help these individuals reach their goals towards the Summer Olympic Games.

Fall 2014
This semester of university has really broadened my horizons when it comes to teaching. I have always wanted to be a secondary level teacher. Dealing with high school students just makes more sense to me. Through my field experience this semester, at an elementary school the setting was completely different from what I had expected. I have a new found respect for elementary teachers. Originally I had thought what could be so hard you are teaching children how to count and sing their ABC’s. WOW! Was I ever wrong. Elementary school teachers have such a demanding position in a child’s life. Before this I would never know how to explain 2+2. It’s just 4 right. That so easy why can’t you get it! Being in that position can be very frustrating but I know understand that it is definitely not an easy task.

Through this semester I have also became a lot more open minded to other cultures. I did not know that an EAL program even existed before taking my ECS 100 class.  Quiet Frankly, I didn’t even know half the cultures that were in my field experience class. I have never EVER been a classroom where I, as a white female, was a minority. My ignorance could for sure hurt me in the long run, of not knowing other cultures, but slowly I am learning. I want to learn as well, we are in such a growing diverse country I want to gain the knowledge so I too can share those experiences with my future students.

I have grown so much through this past semester personally and professionally and I want to continue to grow. I know these experiences will make me become a better teacher. I want to be able to share my passion with my students as well as encourage them in their everyday lives.

Here is topic exploration paper that I did this semester regarding the conventional appearance of teachers within the classroom focused mainly on tattoos.

Topic Exploration Paper


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