Personal Development

Fall 2014

This semester of university has really broadened my horizons when it comes to teaching. I have always wanted to be a secondary level teacher. Dealing with high school students just makes more sense to me. Through my field experience this semester, at an elementary school the setting was completely different from what I had expected. I have a new found respect for elementary teachers. Originally I had thought what could be so hard you are teaching children how to count and sing their ABC’s. WOW! Was I ever wrong. Elementary school teachers have such a demanding position in a child’s life. Before this I would never know how to explain 2+2. It’s just 4 right. That so easy why can’t you get it! Being in that position can be very frustrating but I know understand that it is definitely not an easy task.

Through this semester I have also became a lot more open minded to other cultures. I did not know that an EAL program even existed before taking my ECS 100 class.  Quiet Frankly, I didn’t even know half the cultures that were in my field experience class. I have never EVER been a classroom where I, as a white female, was a minority. My ignorance could for sure hurt me in the long run, of not knowing other cultures, but slowly I am learning. I want to learn as well, we are in such a growing diverse country I want to gain the knowledge so I too can share those experiences with my future students.

I have grown so much through this past semester personally and professionally and I want to continue to grow. I know these experiences will make me become a better teacher. I want to be able to share my passion with my students as well as encourage them in their everyday lives.

Here is topic exploration paper that I did this semester regarding the conventional appearance of teachers within the classroom focused mainly on tattoos.

Topic Exploration Paper


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