Why Don’t I Introduce Myself?

Megan M. Gurski

University of Regina
Melville, SK
Secondary Education
Major: Physical Education

Twitter: MissMGurski
E-mail: megangurski@hotmail.ca


A little bit about myself..
I was born in Winnipeg, MB (I have never cheered  for the Bombers though!). Very soon after I was born my family moved to Preeceville, SK and I spent my early years there. When I was in kindergarten my parents divorced and I moved to Yorkton, SK. I spent the rest of my life in Yorkton attending three different Elementary Schools and two High Schools. All through out school I was apart of an array of sports teams and extra curricular activities, some of my favourites were Jr. and Sr. Basketball and Guitar Club.  I graduated Yorkton Regional High School in 2011 and planned on pursuing a bachelors degree. Soon after I graduated High School I found out that I have a rare medical condition called Intracranial Hypertension. I had spent roughly about two months in the Regina General Hospital. During this time I went through multiple spinal taps, leading to major surgery. The first surgery I had was unsuccessful therefore I had to go in again for another surgery. The second surgery’s date was set for the first day of university because of that I had to put my university journey on hold. The second surgery was successful. If the surgery would not have worked it would have caused me to become blind. Thankfully the surgery went according to plan and I was on my way to a speedy recovery.

For the two years following my surgery I worked various jobs to save up for university because becoming a teacher was still my dream. I had applied into the University of Regina twice during my time working only to be rejected each time. Though I was rejected I kept working hard and went back to upgrade my marks, as well as volunteering as an assistant coach with my previous coaches. This experience helped me mature and grow as a person. Which I believe led to my acceptance to all three Universities I applied to; University of Regina, University of Brandon and the University of Fraser Valley. I ended up accepting the program at the University of Regina because I had worked so hard to get to this point, there is no stopping now.

After completing my degree at the University of Regina I have entered the career of educating young minds. Currently I am working on getting known in different school divisions and being comfortable going into the school knowing that I am a teacher, no longer a student. I am employed by multiple school divisions on the Sub Teacher lists and have been getting called in for since the middle of May and I have loved having the ability to finally teach as it has been a passion of mine for the past 5 years.


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