French French, I’m Listening but Still Not Understanding.


I am feeling defeated.

I am sure it is because I took a little bit of a break from hardcore studying french BUT I am still listening to the music and trying to keep up on my Duolingo app. That is not seeming to help. I was on a high, as in I was doing so well and then I let it slip for like 4-5 days because I had a bunch of assignments due (why can’t university be over, so close..) but then its like all the french left my brain.

When I am listening to the music I am almost just memorizing what they are saying rather then actually understanding WHAT they are saying.

I am going to keep working on it, I had some time over the break to review and go over my notes and review what I have already learned, but you know when you feel like kicking the can and saying, nope. I felt like that. This #learningproject can be a challenge but I am always up for a challenge so I am going to try and get my butt back into gear.

Madi  had given me a suggestion on my last post to try and watch french movies or shows with the subtitles, so maybe I will try the and see how that goes.


Onward, Hopefully I have hair left after this.


3 thoughts on “French French, I’m Listening but Still Not Understanding.”

  1. I assure you that it will definitely take awhile to grasp a new language! Even my best friend, Shantel, who is a French minor in the Ed program still has difficulties! Don’t discourage yourself! You are doing awesome for being new to it!

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  2. Hey Megan, I really think that is an important note for anyone learning a language (ASL being one of those languages), once you stop constantly rehearsing it and practicing it you forget. I think that is why when you are embraced in the language it is soo much easier for people to learn the language! Don’t be defeated, learning another language is hard… learning it on your own is nearly impossible!! Keep working hard, I have learnt to constantly and weekly rehears EVERYTHING that I have learnt so far every week…


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