Let’s Try To Sing, in French?

This week I wanted to try vlogging.

So below is my post for the week, is has been a rough go for my learning project but I have expressed my concerns through my video. Also I have tried something that I haven’t done since someone recorded me singing for the High School Guitar Club in 2009.

Hope you enjoy my video 🙂


2 responses

  1. My high school French teacher started every class by playing a French song. We would listen and look at the lyrics at the same time. The teacher would picks words from the lyric for the students to memorize for quizzes and for the final. I thought it was a unique way to teach French. It was effective also because some of the songs were really catchy and soon the whole class would be singing it. We may not have fully understood what the song was saying but I felt that it helped with our pronunciation. Keep up the good work!

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