Let’s Try To Sing, in French?

This week I wanted to try vlogging.

So below is my post for the week, is has been a rough go for my learning project but I have expressed my concerns through my video. Also I have tried something that I haven’t done since someone recorded me singing for the High School Guitar Club in 2009.

Hope you enjoy my video ūüôā


Curious – Overwhelmed – But Learning!

My first twitter chat was a success! 

To be completely honest I never thought those words would be getting typed right now. I participated in #espechat moderated by Jessica Monlux, #espechat stands for Elementary School Physical Education. So I was draw to this twitter chat because I just completed my Internship where I taught K-9 Physical Education (in addition to other classes) so it was very fitting.

I honestly do not think I could have done this chat without tweetdeck it is like a saving grace. When I started the chat I was so overwhelmed, I did not even know what was going on, being new to twitter as well did not help.


My thought exactly angry man yelling at Drew Barrymore.

Thats how I felt when the tweets started rolling in, OH MY GOD I CAN’T KEEP UP! I found that if I just focused on answering the questions and then once it was over I could go back and review others answers that was easier because trying to read and process everyone at once was exhausting.

But I can not wait to participate in another one! Because I learned a lot different ideas from all over the world it was awesome! Can’t wait to do it again, this technology thing is growing on me, like a bad haircut on a windy day sometimes it just work out for the best.¬†