French vs. English My Learning Project Adventure Begins.

French vs. English (Part one) -What happens when you complain to someone who speaks English as a second language. Opps.

My appreciation to those who speak multiple languages has risen tremendously. Over this past week just trying to understand how there is a masculine and feminine version for everything, but it doesn’t really have a reason you just have to know, but I am learning which is what I find super interesting.

I have been using the app DuoLingo and Tinycards  to aid in my learning of a second language and so far I have loved it the apps are super helpful. The only downfall and maybe I just have not gotten far enough in the modules, but actually speaking French is what I have the most difficulty with. Within the app they have “bots” which you can talk to but you have to pass 3 skills and as you can see I have only surpassed 2. But my next goal for my blog post is to have passed the 3 skills and too be able to have conversations with those bots and hopefully posts them on my blog purely for my audiences enjoyment. I’m sure I’ll look like my dear friend Tom Hiddleston in an awkward interview but eh I’m learning!

giphy-downsized (4)


 Another way I’m learning and this is more for pronunciation rather than understanding is I have changed my music. As I discussed in my previous #learningproject blog post I have been using French music to aid in my learning. How does one do this, you may ask, well simple. I commute about 5-6+ hours a week, so I have a no english music rule in my car. So If I am listening to music I am always listening to French music. I used Apple Music’s Radio and just search French rap and just listen to it while I am driving I can sing/rap along to a lot of it but have no idea what I am saying. While I was browsing through Examples of Previous students work from this course I ran into Amy’s Learning Project Blog  and WOW for starters what an impressive blog tops what I got going on so far (but I’ll get there) but what I saw on some of her post was an French artist who did covers of popular songs so I have started to listen to those as well because then I can sing along an start to decipher what I am actually saying.

Amy’s Learning Project Blog  showcased her reading french books to her blog which I think is an amazing way to showcase your learning so I have thought about going out and seeing what they have for French variety in children’s books if the Duolingo Bots are not as conversation friendly as I hope.

I’ll leave you with one of Sarah’s (French cover artist) Covers of a popular songs.

Au Revoir!


9 thoughts on “French vs. English My Learning Project Adventure Begins.”

  1. I am learning Afrikaans and I WISH I could have used Duolingo but it does not have Afrikaans on it. I found another app, but being able to practice with it on the app sounds so interesting! I never thought about listening to music in that language. Genius!

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    1. Awe thats so sad to hear that Duolingo does not support Afrikaans! I’ll have to check out your blog to see what App you are using! Yes listening to music definitely helps with learning how to pronounce and say the words but not necessarily with the understanding but I am finding with the combination of both (app/music) I am starting to figure it out!


    2. That is awesome that you’re learning Afrikaans! That is next on my list of languages to learn, and many of my close friends speak Afrikaans, so have been picking it up here and there. Which app are you using?

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  2. Hey Megan, if you wanted to collaborate at some point and make a video, or perform a skit or do an interview, I am fairly literate in the French language — Could be fun!

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    1. Oh! That could be so much fun! Maybe you could be my partner in crime at making a super cheesy French rap video you can be my Hype Woman! – An interview is cool too ha! Collaborations awesome we could totally figure something out!

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  3. I know I have commented on your other french posts but i applaud you soooo much! I love that you are finding ways, such as music, to aid your learning! Recognizing things that work for your learning style is just as important as the learning!

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