Tech What?

                          MissMGurski is my tweeter account, sometimes I tweet funny things and                               sometimes its resourceful either way I would follow me

To those of you who are avid tweeters I hope to gain you as followers in my adventures during this course and beyond into my teaching career. I am new to the Twitter world so I may need some helpful guidance on making my way to being a proficient “tweeter”.

This course peaked my interest because I think technology is turning into something we no longer really have control over and something we all should know how to utilize and understand. Technology is overtaking everything everywhere in the workforce, classroom, homes, etc. Already you can talk to “Alexa” to know what the weather is rather then looking outside? Have you seen the Italian Grandma talking to her BRAND NEW Goo-Goo Machine she got for Christmas, if not it is worth a watch the see the generation gap for technology. Maybe I am old school (not that old school Ha!) but blogging has never been my thing I am willing to take a risk and try it out, I like to think of myself as more of a doer, as in I go out and do thing but maybe I will like writing about things and sharing them amongst my peers and colleagues on the world wide web.

I can not wait to share my thoughts and experiences through out this class. Hopefully we can relate in areas of technology with this technology stuff.

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One thought on “Tech What?”

  1. It is awesome that you are embracing this! Blogging is a great way to get out there in the digital world while also finding many teachers who have a similar teaching style to you and the ones that don’t!

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