Que qué ? – Just kidding thats Spanish, I’m learning French

So I have made the decision that over the course of the semester I am going to attempt the learn the beautiful language of Français.


Now I am not going to lie, I disliked French class in school. This may be because my teacher chewed her gum like a cow chews grass Every.. Single.. Class. Ever since that experience I could not take French seriously. But now I am the teacher, and I chew gum sensibly so I should be able to listen to myself.

When I think of learning another language. It freaks me out. All I can think of is my family talking back and forth in Ukrainian and I would have zero idea what they would be saying.




-This was me at the Ukrainian Christmas Dinner Table





But why French? Why not Ukrainian? Because that GIF above was also an awkward situation I encountered while I was on an exchange in Quebec. I was literally kicked out of a restaurant, well not served, because I could not speak French nor understand it. And as a proud Canadian and a future traveler of Canada (soon to be the World) I thought “man it would super handy to at least ask ‘Hey where can I find a toilet around here?'” If I do end up travelling to the East coast, even in the coastal provinces many people speak French.

So I’m all alone with a language that has a male and female version of different words, weird little apostrophes over and under their vowels. And from what I remember their sentences are backwards ? Wow, What am I getting myself into. I have a plan though!

I am going to find some Apps (Duo Lingo I hear is awesome) to try and follow while I’m taking the bus or just hanging out at home with my cat, Watching/Listening to videos – I drive a lot commuting to school so I can easily listen to videos even if I feel like a crazy person talking to myself the whole car ride, and my third and my most excited way I’m excited to learn is I love rap music so I thought eh! Once I have some of the basics down, why not listen and rap along to some good French Rap music. This may be a little more Pop/Hip-Hop but this video I found even though I have no idea what he is singing you can tell by the video it is about technology so I found it to be fitting. Maybe I’ll learn the lyrics and post a video on my journey in learning the language of love.



2 thoughts on “Que qué ? – Just kidding thats Spanish, I’m learning French”

  1. I love this idea! It is so different from what I have seen people do in the past (including myself… i did cooking *cue the eye roll*). Take pride in this! I can’t wait to see your journey of this project and the results you get!

    P.S. using French Rap music is a cool approach to learning the language!

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    1. Thanks! I am loving it! The funny part of it is that I have no idea what they are saying I watch the video on youtube and try to guess what they are saying and the one video I shared in this post I thought was about technology, but my friend advised me its about a man leaving his wife! *Facepalm* It has been tons of fun so far though! Thanks for reading my post Mckayla!


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