Curriculum Development After

After skimming through this article I feel my opinions are the same. Educators have a say in what goes into the curriculum but the government is what sets that curriculum in stone. The government in ‘trying’ to do the research and have the knowledge to understand what ‘our’ students need. Mainly I see it as the government tries to filter to the areas that the economy is in need of. For example changing the Math system in high school went from a progression A30,B30,C30 to different strains such as foundations of math etc. These staring that they changed the curriculum guide students into certain economic areas such as nursing, trades, etc. The problem I see with that is the fact that if they do decide to go to university they are missing vital information because some sections of the math are not taught within the new curriculum. I understand that you need the differences of opinions and you need to see things from different perspectives, but I feel there needs to be some sort of change because the curriculum can have holes.


One thought on “Curriculum Development After”

  1. Great example about the math. I think I am going to touch base on this in my blog. This is a great example of how the curriculum is setting limitations for high school students. I was talking to a former student who changed their career choice in their first year of school and was not accepted into a program because they did not take the correct math “path”.


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