Technology Within the Classroom

When we look at our every evolving world of technology, it is next to impossible to think that we won’t see it in our education system. Having technology can be a huge asset to educators in the classroom. Using tools such as videos, internet resources, etc. The only problem I see as a future teacher is that we are starting to rely on technology, more often the students rely on technology. I want to emphasize the word tool because that’s what students should be using technology as, a tool. Not a means of life. I am seeing it more and more often children with technology. We are starting them off as young as a few months old with things such as “Baby Genius”. What ever happened to taking your child outside to see the wonder in life from the out of doors. Learn their colors by the changing of the seasons. We are losing our touch with nature and ways to teach outside of the classroom with what is now seen as unorthodox ways of teaching.

Now I don’t see anything wrong with technology. I just think we should not heavily rely on it as much as we do now. As I stated before we need to see technology more as a tool, not a need.


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